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No Boston Cream Here; Donut Update #2

This is the final update about the new donut shaped pendants I am making.

I found the perfect sterling silver bails. They are minimalist and modern without any decorations or Schnickschnack (German for ‘knickknack’). They mirror the silver inclusions in color without overwhelming anything about the glass design, I think.
Yet, at the same time, they are sturdy and I don’t have to worry about not being able to use larger diameter cords or chains.

Now Christmas is coming up and I did need something for my mom. I’m not going to see her this year for the holidays as I usually do, so I needed something I could send her in the mail to Germany.
She is very religious and always wanted something with a cross but she isn’t into bright popping colors and a lot of Schnickschnack (there it is again). She has a couple of stone donuts already, so I knew she likes the shape. I tried to stay on the muted color side with the design I came up with. I’m going to send her both because I really don’t know about the colors and now I can only hope she likes them.

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A Donut for Santa; Donut Update #1

My first experimental donuts just came out of the kiln and I am quiet happy the way it worked out.

Since Christmas is not very far away, I thought I should share the x-mas donut with the mistletoe fine silver inlay with you. The whole time I’m writing this, I’m whistling “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… lalala” but I’m thinking that my tires on my car are frightful, so please don’t =)

Just for now I put on a leather cord but I am planing on either getting or making a silver bail for the donuts. The glass looks really nice but there simply is nothing better looking than a nice quality silver bail with art glass.

I will update you on the other ones as soon as things have moved along a little further.

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