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It’s beautiful but what is it?

It’s tatting!

I didn’t know that. I had to look it up. Since I know nothing of yarn and these kinds of things, I will at this point simply quote the definition from wordnet.princeton.edu:

  • needlework consisting of handmade lace made by looping and knotting a single thread on a small shuttle
  • lace making: the act or art of making handmade lace

At any rate, I am absolutely awestruck by the work Pamela from TotusMel is doing.

It definitely has something of old times. It’s so delicate and elegant and  it is also absolutely stylishly goth or vampire.

And here we are again at the South Park episode that seems to follow me. Please refer to this post if you would like to know what I am babbling about =) but this time I will refrain from putting Pamela’s work on the cartoon characters.

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Vampires vs. Goth, à la South Park

glassfancy fused glass jewelry pmc necklace silver pendant purple 1

It is time now to introduce you to another one of my Precious Metal Clay creations.

I just finished this pendant and I have to say, it very much developed while I was working on it. There were no sketches and no drawings. I did no planing at all this time. It was just the clay and me and the notion of:  Do what you will. And this is what happened.

So the only question now is, should I market it to the Vampire kids or the Goth kids?


So what do you think?

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