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The First Precious Metal Clay and Fused Glass Pendant in the New Year

Happy New Year, everybody! And welcome to 2010! May this new year be a happy, healthy and successful one for you all!

I finished the necklace I want to show you yesterday already but then it got too late for the post, it was time to celebrate and my hands had to hold drinks instead of type.

So here it is! I’m quiet happy with the design. I am still not 100% satisfied with my PMC working skills. But practice makes perfect and I’m intending on getting there one day.
The feel of the piece is once again organic and flowing. I didn’t realize that I was as influenced by the Art Nouveau style as I seem to be but I just love the curves and soft bending lines that you can produce with Precious Metal Clay. It’s very strange because it is so opposite the way I think in glass.
I chose shades of blue for the glass pieces once again because the patinaed silver and the glass in that color sooth and contrast each other at the same time. I just love the way it looks!
This time I tried to pull the silver and the glass together even more by stopping the Liver of Sulphur patina at the stage where it has a blue tinge. You can see the effect close to the glass pieces in the recesses.

I am always looking for comments that help me improve my work; design wise, technique wise or any other wise. So, I very much appreciate critique or suggestions, especially if you are familiar with Precious Metal clay.

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Handmade Jewelry Hub

NOTE (Nov 2010):
Unfortunately, the 1000 Markets venue has sold out and any of the related links in this post do not work any longer!

Twitter just introduced a new way of organizing the blizzard of tweets that you may get hit by on their site. You can now create lists of people that have one common denominator in some shape or form. It makes it a lot easier to filter what you may be interested in and avoid some of the stuff you are not.

So, since I am making handmade jewelry, it was merely a matter of time until I started a list about just that. I have accumulated more than 450 artisans that all make handmade jewelry of some kind. You will find glass, steam punk, wire wrapping, silversmithing, PMC and lots more. Come take a peek and get emerged in style, fashion, color, luxury and bling!

Twitter jewelry list

If you are creating handmade jewelry, have a twitter account and would like to be included in this list, please leave a comment or send me a direct message on Twitter.

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Walk your dog in style with Saddle Wags!

NOTE (Nov 2010):
Unfortunately, the 1000 Markets venue has sold out and any of the related links in this post do not work any longer!

YellowCab_01_displayI just found this seller on 1000 Markets and I just have to share this with you.

She makes absolutely fabulously sporty and stylish dog outfits with matching Martingale collars.

GreenSwirl_01_displayThese outfits have pockets on the side so you can store the little necessities like your puppy’s waste bags etc. The material is light weight and breathable and is custom made to fit your best friend perfectly.

The yellow taxi cab model comes with reflective ribbons on the sides to keep your pooch safe even at night.

They are available in many colors. Take a peek at TREE PARLOR and I’m sure you will find something that will compliment your puppy’s sense of style!

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