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Brand New Handmade Cocktail Ring

Handmade Art Glass and Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring

I finally managed to finish a new jewelry piece recently.
It’s been much too long since I had the time and motivation to make anything truly new.
I have a couple more pieces that came out of the kiln along with this one but they all still need a little work and so I cannot show them to you yet.
It is not very often that I make rings and this cold-worked fused art glass cocktail ring is quite the rarity for me.
The colorful and very eye-catching glass piece sits on top of a sterling silver ring, which is adjustable to many different sizes.
I am now working on a matching pendant and I am pretty sure that both will end up in my personal jewelry box rather than in my Etsy store. But there will probably be more like this piece in the near future.

Handmade Art Glass and Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring

Handmade Art Glass and Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring

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Another Fine Silver Metal Clay Ringa Ding Ding Ding

Here is a photo of the second fine silver metal clay PMC ring I was working on.
This one has a yellow Cubic Zirconia instead of fused glass.
I know I said last time that I wouldn’t go for such plain minimalistic forms in metal clay anymore since it’s a huge pain to make it look perfect without some kind of texture. So, this time will definitely be the last time I do that. Really!

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A brand new fine silver and fused glass piece. Finally!

So I have buckled down and finished one of the precious metal clay rings I have been working on for far too long.

I remade the same half circle design that I have kept for myself a couple of weeks ago. This new one has several shades of orange as the fused glass focal point.

You can find it in my Etsy or my 1000 Market store.

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Finalizing the rectangular precious metal clay ring with green fused glass center

I have finally finished the ring you saw as progress photos in the last post.

The photos are in and here it is <drum roll>:

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I See Green; Progress Pictures of a Metal Clay Ring with Fused Glass Center

It is very unfortunate when life gets in the way of playing with your favorite toys. That is exactly what happened to me this week. I had very little time to do what I love and had to concentrate more on what I do not love.
But now I am back in the game and in the middle of another metal clay ring. I thought I could take some progress pictures and share them with you.

Here is a picture of the fused glass that I am using for the ring center. It is my usual combination of spring green, olive and sparkling dark green. I fused a relatively large piece and after cutting out the middle to use on the ring, I will still have some glass left to maybe make some earrings or something similar. I shaped the piece that I need into a rectangle to match the rest of the ring.

Next, you can see the fused glass piece placed onto the ring the way it will be when it is finished. For now it is just laying there so you can see the concept.
I chose the same principle as the last two rings, just with rectangles. But this ring is going to be smaller than the last ones. I wanted the silver to feel more like a bezel for the glass this time rather than having so much silver surrounding it.
It is pretty much ready to be fired but since we are having that storm with near hurricane force winds and downed trees etc., I did not think it wise to start the kiln for a long firing when the lights are already flickering. It will have to wait until things have calmed down a bit.
Once it is finished, I will post an update with pictures.

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Another PMC ring with a fused glass cab; and this one is mine

If you make jewelry, it just makes sense that you need a few pieces to wear yourself. It’s a fun necessity to exhibit your work.

OK, I admit, it’s not so much about advertising in this case as it is very simply about wanting it. I really like the last triangle ring I made but, unfortunately, it wasn’t my size. So I made a variation of it and this time it happened to be my size (how did that happen?!).

It is made from Precious Metal Clay (PMC3) and has a whopping 11g of fine silver. The cabochon is fused glass in purple and green, one of my favorite color combination. To bring out the edges of the half circles, I used Liver of Sulphur to darken the steps.

It looks nice in this photo but it looks even better on my hand! =)

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Contemporary One-Of-A-Kind Ring; Geometric Forms in Fine Silver and Fused Glass

I did not realize how much I seem to like triangles. Looking back at my precious metal clay pieces, the triangle seems to dominate the scene. So here is another triangular ring that I just finished.
I think this one came out really nice with a certain je ne sais quoi about it. I might be at the point where my work is good enough for selling. Notice the ‘might’ in that last sentence. I am still not entirely sure about it. It takes a mountain of evidence for me to be at peace with the quality of my work.  
In any case, I am kind of annoyed that I didn’t make this ring in my size. I’m not sure if I like the idea of letting it go anyway.

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Triangular Precious Metal Clay Ring with Green Fused Glass; Project Update

Here is the promised update with photos of the finished precious metal clay ring that I was working on in one of the previous posts.
I ended up adding a line to the ring that makes it a little less minimalistic and plain.
I realized that these kinds of projects, meaning the plain and straight ones, seem to be the harder ones. Running a perfectly straight and even width line all around the ring seems pretty much impossible, unless I am missing some kind of trick here. But doing it by hand with a needle tool and then a larger width file tool was a huge pain.
Maybe next time I should try some texture with plenty of decorative elements to cover my mistakes =).

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My 2 cents on Art Clay Silver 650 Slow Dry Metal Clay

I was surfing the internet for Precious Metal Clay info and blogs, when I got to read the product information on Art Clay Silver 650 Slow Dry. Up to now I had only worked with the PMC brand before so I got all excited about a slower drying clay. That would be such a great help and prevent some of my drying anxiety.
So I order myself some packages of 20 g and almost chose rush delivery because I just couldn’t wait to try this stuff.
I was thinking about making some rings to offset the many many pendants that come out of my kiln.
The package comes, my project is chosen and set up and I am all ready to be floored by this new metal clay.
I opened the package of Art Clay and it was already kind of dry and almost clumpy. I had to knead it in my hands to get it smooth and by the time I started shaping it, it was already beginning to dry. So the first portion I took out of the package had to be turned into slip because it literally dried too fast.
Now, children, this is a perfect example of ‘ironic‘.
I understand that everything is relative and depends on what you compare it to. And maybe the regular Art Clay dries even faster and therefore this stuff actually is ‘slow drying’ but compared to PMC3, there is nothing slow about it.
I ended up letting the rest of the package sit with some distilled water over night and that did help the consistency and eliminated the kneading time so I could actually get a ring formed. But even now the drying time wasn’t particularly long.

Here are some photos of the ring. It still needs some detailing and then firing. If this one comes out nice I will post some photos of it later.

In conclusion, this whole experience with Art Clay Silver 650 Slow Dry was more than disappointing. I feel like I have wasted roughly $100 on a product that is simply mislabeled. Maybe I was unlucky and received a faulty package but I guess I will see when I open the rest of them.
As of right now, there is no way I will ever buy Art Clay Silver Metal Clay again (maybe with the exception of their overlay paste).

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It’s Our’s, it is! My Precious (Metal Clay)!

I finished another ring.

Once again, it is still not perfect. But I think I’m getting better =)


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