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I have never been a health nut. Ask my mom, she’s been trying to talk me into a healthier lifestyle for years and it never really sounded like such a good idea. Or rather, it sounded like a good idea, just not very convenient and/or appetizing.
I still don’t consider myself very health conscious but I guess it’s beginning to sink in.
What started the whole thing is that I am in dire need of a diet. After I quit smoking, I somehow gained some weight. I really don’t recall how exactly it happened but suddenly it was there.
So I am officially on a diet but I am also trying to form a habit of eating better in general and being more aware of what I put into my body.

All my life I have always avoided breakfast. I had trouble eating anything less than 4-5 hours after I got up. A few cups of coffee were enough for me and I was usually good until lunch time.
Now that my work has changed to a very regulated schedule, and a very early one at that, I find myself pretending it is lunch time at around 10:30 AM. I needed something more than coffee but preferably liquid that I could drink in the car on my way to work. Something that would hold me over until the real lunch time at around 12-1 PM.

So here is the solution: Green Smoothie!

I’m sure many of you know what green smoothies are but for the ones that do not, the above picture basically tells you what it is and what it looks like before you blenderize it all together and before it becomes a smoothie.
I make mine late the night before because the blender is so loud that the entire neighborhood would be awake at the early morning hours.

My recipe is as follows: 1 apple, 1 nectarine, 1 plum, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 lemon, 1 banana, 1 kiwi, 3 large leaves of kale and about the equivalent of that in spinach, a few sweet pea shoots, some pomegranate juice, 1 teaspoon of Goji/Pomegranate/Acai powder and 1 package of Xylitol.
In place of the Xylitol you can use other sweeteners like Stevia, sugar, honey, agave syrup and the like. I believe you can reduce the added sweetener if you reduce the amount of lemon you add. I literally put in half a lemon minus the peel so there is definitely room for some reduction.
Unblenderized it fills up the blender but in the end makes about 2 to 2.5 cups of smoothie which fits perfectly into my drink container. It’s a very large smoothie and it takes most of my drive to work to drink it all.
But it surely is one hell of a boost in the morning and I am usually still not really hungry when lunch time rolls around.
Now I just have to stick with it and make it a routine and I’ll be good!
Cross your fingers for me!

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