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I have a happy succulent!

I have to admit, it is never surprising to me when one of the few plants I have simply cannot handle my care any longer. I am very good with animals but anything that has photosynthesis in mind is better off some place other than my house.
So you might be able to imagine my amazement at what I found yesterday.
For some strange reason my Jade plant is blooming. I didn’t know they bloom and even if they bloom, they don’t bloom at my house. I have had this specific plant for probably about 8 years now and this is the first time (and probably the last) it decides to do that.
I had to take some photos to document this rare occurence.  




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My very first Etsy treasury!

Yesterday I got very lucky and happened to look at the Etsy treasuries just about as the new open ones became available. So I made my very first Etsy treasury, ever! I think it came out nice! It’s going to expire tomorrow afternoon, so check it out soon (and that even rhymes)!

Colors of the Provence Treasury

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