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Tinkering around with my photo editing software

The other night after work, I was sitting, tired and lazy, on my computer. It was too early to go to bed but I didn’t have the energy to actually do anything productive.
So I started randomly applying some photo editing effects to a couple of my glass photos.

Some effects looked merely odd, but some others produce neat results after cropping the image and messing around with the colors a little.
I mean, no matter what, I keep seeing my jewelry pieces in them but to others they might look a little more abstract.
I just find it amazing what can be done with a few clicks.

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Pick a color! Any color!

It’s been months since I last went into my dungeon of glass (aka the basement) and worked on glass.
All the changes in my life have left me with a lot less time. But I don’t think the reason I haven’t been creating anything is merely the new time restraint.
It feels like I have been mentally and emotionally busy with all the change. My thoughts were taken up by learning all the new things at my new job or finding a good kind of entertainment for the long commute. There was really no room left for creativity that did not address every day life situations.
But then, the other day, I came home at night and heard the glass call my name.
So I decided to just pick a color combination and make all the pieces I had time for. And today, I will pick another color combination and so on until the kiln shelf is full and I can run them through the first firing.

And it feels so nice to finally create something again.
Honestly, I can’t really tell if this is the beginning of a consistent creative work process again or if it’s just a rare occurence. I hope I will get back to how it was before everything turned inside out, but right now, it’s fun and I will worry about tomorrow  tomorrow.

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Work In Progress

I haven’t had too much time lately to work on new pieces. It’s definitely been too long since I had some good quality glass time.

Now I am finally working on a couple of new pendants. I have them all fused and am now in the middle of cold working them.

In the photos you can see the rough edges but the semi transparent sides, which means that I have roughly ground the pendants into shape but still need to work on the finer grits of sanding the sides.

glassfancy fused glass jewelry abstract pendants necklace 1glassfancy fused glass jewelry abstract pendants necklace 2

After I have fine tuned the glass, I will drill the whole for the sterling silver wire and the bail. After the final fire polishing, it’s time for some picture taking and then you will find them listed at my Etsy and 1000 Market store.

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