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Delicately Crafted Needlepoint Accessories For You And Your Pet

Victorian Crochet Lace Necklace from ModernNeedlePointmodernneedlepoint art deco needlepoint cuff bracelet

If you were ever searching for accessories that look like they came straight out of a dream, look no further!

You may be on the quest for an exquisite embellishment for that perfect white dress or maybe you have something modern and artsy in mind.

Carrie sells her handcrafted work on Etsy as ModernNeedlePoint.

Recently, she branched out and opened up a new Etsy store where you can now buy high quality handcrafted collars for your dog and/or cat. It is very fittingly called CrochetPetCollars.

Treat yourself and your pet to one of those exquisite treasures or contact Carrie for your own custom needlepoint accessory!

crochetpetcollars crochet cat collar green bee buzzcrochetpetcollars white crochet cat collar

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Walk your dog in style with Saddle Wags!

NOTE (Nov 2010):
Unfortunately, the 1000 Markets venue has sold out and any of the related links in this post do not work any longer!

YellowCab_01_displayI just found this seller on 1000 Markets and I just have to share this with you.

She makes absolutely fabulously sporty and stylish dog outfits with matching Martingale collars.

GreenSwirl_01_displayThese outfits have pockets on the side so you can store the little necessities like your puppy’s waste bags etc. The material is light weight and breathable and is custom made to fit your best friend perfectly.

The yellow taxi cab model comes with reflective ribbons on the sides to keep your pooch safe even at night.

They are available in many colors. Take a peek at TREE PARLOR and I’m sure you will find something that will compliment your puppy’s sense of style!

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Adore And Adorn Your Pet!

The adore part of that statement is obviously a lot more important! You have to hug them and squeeze them and call them George or Rocky or Sylvester!

Out of that adoration may come a desire for little things that make it more visible. We buy gorgeous collars, give them haircuts and purchase that sporty or fancy raincoat. So, I guess it is just a continuation of that trend to think about pet jewelry.

Turquoise and Blue Heart Pet Pendant

I know there is plenty of people out there that probably think I’m out of my mind, but let me explain to you how this thought started.

A number of years back my best four-legged friend Max had to go for a very risky surgery. I was so scared and felt absolutely helpless. So, although I am normally not superstitious, I needed some kind of outlet for all that fear. I made him a little fused glass pendant that had the Chinese symbol for ‘good fortune’ fused into it. The day I had to drop him off, I put it on his collar. I’m sure it probably had no influence on how the surgery went but it was a little ritual that gave me hope. Everything went well and I had my baby back safe and sound.

Green and Purple Heart Pet PendantThat was the situation in which I had worked out all the details for a pet pendant without ever meaning to create a product.

So now, I’m making them not for emergency situation but because they really look neat. And although you don’t necessarily need pet jewelry to do so, it’s a unique way to celebrate your best friend.

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