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My new Glass-Fancy.com Website

I have been spending some time updating my website.
The old one was looking a bit patchy and I really wanted something smoother looking.

Well, … here is a sneak peek!

It may or may not be fully functional yet, so if you do run into any problem, please check back in a few days and everything should be up and running.

Let me know what you think, please!

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

It has been a long time since my last post.
I finished the semester and despite the fact that I had some health problems and ended up in the hospital smack in the middle of almost midterm time, I managed to do really well in the classes I took.
Now I finally have a little bit of time to play with glass again and that called for a new line of furniture knobs and pulls.
I was really attempting to do something that looks distinctly different from the ones I had done in the past and so I went with the tack fusing technique.
The first ones I did were all based on the principle of a bright solid color on a black background and are full of contrast and very bold looking.

Then I started thinking about maybe trying this pattern on a light background with transparent glass and that is when things turned out a bit funky.

Personally, I did find, they border on ugly but when I asked my husband, he said they would probably look OK when you see them on a piece of furniture. So, I went and took some pictures of them on my entertainment center and I have to admit, he is somewhat right, but not entirely.

At this point, I really wasn’t sure what I thought about them anymore. I was stuck looking at them all the time but actually seeing less and less.
So, I put the question to the people of Facebook and the Zibbet forum. I asked for brutally honest opinions. I did get some comments from people who didn’t like them and I was most impressed with that. I think it’s always easier to leave positive feedback than negative and I appreciate these people chancing some kind of bad reaction since sometimes “your honest opinion” doesn’t necessarily mean that.
I also got a lot of positive feedback (which I, obviously, appreciate as well!!!) and some very interesting thoughts.
All in all, this made me realize how different something can look to different people. I used to think that everybody sort of sees the same color, for example, but some simply prefer something that looks lighter or darker etc. Now, I wonder whether different people actually see something entirely different based on their brains interpreting the visual information in a completely different manner.
I think this is so very fascinating that I wish I could do some kind of actual experiment. I wonder whether there already is some scientific study on that.
Well, now that I am almost entirely off topic, I will close my ramblings by thanking everybody that took part in my opinion poll! It was very interesting and helpful and it resulted in me listing the knobs that I would have otherwise just throw into a dark corner of my ‘dungeon of glass’.

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Enough with the stripes! Bring on the cracks!

I just wanted to introduce you to my new Fracture line of knobs (Name courtesy of Nic East).
It seemed to me that I have been stuck for too long in the stripes kind of mood. So I tried something entirely different this time.
To me, they have a cartoon sort of look so I’m thinking of a cabinet in a young teenager’s room.
What do you think?

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They say, admission is the first step.
I admit, I am a KNOBAHOLIC!
Lately, any creative idea that pops into my head has something to do with knobs and/or pulls. I cannot help myself!
I have had these symptoms before regarding other creative stuff and I know from experience that I just have to ride it out.
School is going to start in a few days and that will put a damper on my knobbing, so I enjoy it while it lasts.
Here are some pictures of the latest cabinet knobs and pulls I made.

Another idea that is growing in my mind is the third part of my Tips and Tricks for Product Photography.
It is very likely going to be about non-misleading photo editing. So, I am already gathering material but the idea will still have to marinate a little longer.

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My new website for the fused glass cabinet knobs & pulls

If you follow my blog, you know that I have been working on developing a line of handmade fused glass cabinet knobs and pulls.
Previously, I have been making fused glass jewelry and my website, Etsy and Artfire store are dedicated to jewelry. So, I thought it would make more sense to separate the two categories and make a new website and Etsy store for only the knobs and pulls.

I found this awesome site that enables you to make a flash-based website for free. They have so many great looking templates that are easy to modify to your requirements and you don’t need to know anything about any code or how to make a website at all.

It came out great! Click on the picture below and check it out!

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What are good colors for home decor?

What? Knobs and pulls? Again?
Yes, I am still working on cabinet hardware.
My goal is mainly to develop a standing line of one design.
And I have found my layout, which is a relatively simple off-centered stripe pattern. For each knob I made two different types of pulls since the knob can be installed with the stripes running horizontally or vertically and I wanted to make sure to provide matching pulls for each installation.

Since I have been making jewelry for the past few years, I tend to think in terms of bold, bright, and vibrant colors. So the first few color combinations I created are exactly that.
Obviously, I had no choice but to make a set in my favorite green and purple color combination.


And I think they look really neat, cheerful, and contemporarily. They are going to fit nicely into your modern kitchen, for example.
But not everybody wants to have something that is “in your face” attached to their furniture.
I had to start thinking of some colors that are more subtle and I have to say, that is not so much my cup of tea.
But I did manage to come up with a color combo that fits the subtle category a bit better than most of my other ones.

So what do you think?
All you Interior Decorators out there, I would love to get some input on color choices for home decor. I could use some help with that. =)

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Colorful Fused Glass Cabinet Knobs

Some time ago I started experimenting to come up with fused glass cabinet knobs and pulls. (You can read the post about it HERE.)

Above you can see my first finished line of knobs. I am still working on making elongated pulls that match them. And I already have some ideas for more styles.
The bases come in satin nickel and dark oil rubbed bronze which looks great with the warm colors like yellow and brown.

I will post some more photos once I get them.

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Fused Glass Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

My kitchen needs help.
It’s been softly whimpering for years but my husband and I are very good at turning a blind ear towards these kinds of things.

Upon entering, at the time we bought the house, the first thing that would come jumping for your face like an alien face hugger was the pink counter top. Well, to be correct, people informed me that this color was called ‘salmon’. You know, the kind that was the latest fad in the 1950s.
We did away with the fish colored eye insult but since neither of us have even the smallest inclination of the home-maker kind, a lot of other stuff has been ignored until now.

I picked out a muted yellow paint for the walls and the bucket of spackle stands ready.
The biggest problem is the cabinets. They are very plain and I don’t think there is much that can be done to rescue them other than maybe adding some cool knobs and pulls.

So, we have now finally arrived at the main motivation for this blog post!

I have started fusing some trial knobs and despite the fact that I still have to refine their overall shape a bit, I am very pleased with the first samples.
These first three will be roughly square-shaped but I definitely have to try some round ones as well.

Although it will be quiet the pain to shape the fine silver inclusion into vines and leaf shapes, I could not resist trying it since it seems more of a kitchen motif.
But I am also very partial to bubbles in glass and it would be a lot easier, given that I will have to copy the design about 25 times.

The next step will be to find some nice and preferably low price hardware for the knobs. On first glance, they seem to be quiet expensive.
If anybody has some suggestions on knob and pull hardware, I would appreciate you sharing.

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