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Astoria Artisan Market in Queens

Yesterday afternoon, we drove all the way to Queens to check out an artisan market plus beer garden that I just found out about.
The name is Astoria Market and is located in Astoria, Queens.
It was quite a hike from the eastern part of Long Island where we are. And the traffic did not help either despite the fact that it was a Sunday. It looked like the Mets or some other team (pardon me, but I don’t have a clue about sports) were playing and we had to drive right past the stadium.
But once we got there, we had a blast!
The artisan market is located inside the main hall of the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden. It is a small and very cozy event that takes place on several Sundays throughout the year.

Then, after you are done browsing the artisan products, you simply step outside into the beer garden, where they have a good selection of European and American beer and food and live music. The whole atmosphere is very central European and I did feel right at home.

So, although the artisan market is a bit small, it is easy to make your visit a whole afternoon event.
Check them out on the web (http://www.astoriamarket.com/) or in person if you are in the area!

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Carissa Rose; Art with Attitude

Artwork shown ©Carissa Rose Stevens. Do not use, edit or publish without authorized consent.The other day, I stumbled upon Carissa Rose’s work on Artfire and I’m enthralled!

She is a tattooist in training but also works with pencil and paintbrush. In her own words, her “art is inspired by tattoos and people”  and it isn’t hard to relate to her statement once you see her work.

The first thing that hits you (or me, as it were) is the contrast. “In your face” color cuts the deepest black into pieces. No shades of gray; no compromise!
Most of her subjects are young women but although femininity is dripping off of them like the colorful run-lines of paint that you can see in so many places, they are certainly not stereotypical beauty-queens without a mind of their own. They are characters, and as real, with all the facets of darkness, as the fields of perfect inky black.
Her work skillfully speaks to the observer. In many of her pieces you have strong eyes staring straight at you from the painting, involving you in the scene.

This is some serious art with attitude!

Thank you to Carissa Rose for the permission to display her work!
Artwork shown ©Carissa Rose Stevens. Do not use, edit or publish without authorized consent.

Artwork shown ©Carissa Rose Stevens. Do not use, edit or publish without authorized consent.Artwork shown ©Carissa Rose Stevens. Do not use, edit or publish without authorized consent.

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Tinkering around with my photo editing software

The other night after work, I was sitting, tired and lazy, on my computer. It was too early to go to bed but I didn’t have the energy to actually do anything productive.
So I started randomly applying some photo editing effects to a couple of my glass photos.

Some effects looked merely odd, but some others produce neat results after cropping the image and messing around with the colors a little.
I mean, no matter what, I keep seeing my jewelry pieces in them but to others they might look a little more abstract.
I just find it amazing what can be done with a few clicks.

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My 2 cents on Art Clay Silver 650 Slow Dry Metal Clay

I was surfing the internet for Precious Metal Clay info and blogs, when I got to read the product information on Art Clay Silver 650 Slow Dry. Up to now I had only worked with the PMC brand before so I got all excited about a slower drying clay. That would be such a great help and prevent some of my drying anxiety.
So I order myself some packages of 20 g and almost chose rush delivery because I just couldn’t wait to try this stuff.
I was thinking about making some rings to offset the many many pendants that come out of my kiln.
The package comes, my project is chosen and set up and I am all ready to be floored by this new metal clay.
I opened the package of Art Clay and it was already kind of dry and almost clumpy. I had to knead it in my hands to get it smooth and by the time I started shaping it, it was already beginning to dry. So the first portion I took out of the package had to be turned into slip because it literally dried too fast.
Now, children, this is a perfect example of ‘ironic‘.
I understand that everything is relative and depends on what you compare it to. And maybe the regular Art Clay dries even faster and therefore this stuff actually is ‘slow drying’ but compared to PMC3, there is nothing slow about it.
I ended up letting the rest of the package sit with some distilled water over night and that did help the consistency and eliminated the kneading time so I could actually get a ring formed. But even now the drying time wasn’t particularly long.

Here are some photos of the ring. It still needs some detailing and then firing. If this one comes out nice I will post some photos of it later.

In conclusion, this whole experience with Art Clay Silver 650 Slow Dry was more than disappointing. I feel like I have wasted roughly $100 on a product that is simply mislabeled. Maybe I was unlucky and received a faulty package but I guess I will see when I open the rest of them.
As of right now, there is no way I will ever buy Art Clay Silver Metal Clay again (maybe with the exception of their overlay paste).

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No Boston Cream Here; Donut Update #2

This is the final update about the new donut shaped pendants I am making.

I found the perfect sterling silver bails. They are minimalist and modern without any decorations or Schnickschnack (German for ‘knickknack’). They mirror the silver inclusions in color without overwhelming anything about the glass design, I think.
Yet, at the same time, they are sturdy and I don’t have to worry about not being able to use larger diameter cords or chains.

Now Christmas is coming up and I did need something for my mom. I’m not going to see her this year for the holidays as I usually do, so I needed something I could send her in the mail to Germany.
She is very religious and always wanted something with a cross but she isn’t into bright popping colors and a lot of Schnickschnack (there it is again). She has a couple of stone donuts already, so I knew she likes the shape. I tried to stay on the muted color side with the design I came up with. I’m going to send her both because I really don’t know about the colors and now I can only hope she likes them.

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A Donut for Santa; Donut Update #1

My first experimental donuts just came out of the kiln and I am quiet happy the way it worked out.

Since Christmas is not very far away, I thought I should share the x-mas donut with the mistletoe fine silver inlay with you. The whole time I’m writing this, I’m whistling “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… lalala” but I’m thinking that my tires on my car are frightful, so please don’t =)

Just for now I put on a leather cord but I am planing on either getting or making a silver bail for the donuts. The glass looks really nice but there simply is nothing better looking than a nice quality silver bail with art glass.

I will update you on the other ones as soon as things have moved along a little further.

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Unique Handmade Art Dolls – More Art Than Doll

Christmas is approaching fast! If you are looking for a very much unique and memorable gift, this may just be it!

Zootla doll 1Zootla doll 2

Zootla doll 3Zootla doll 4

I stumbled upon this handmade artisan doll maker on Etsy. She makes these beautiful art dolls but also has a variety of fun and very joyous little Pocket Palls and other colorful characters.

Visit her Etsy store HERE.

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Back to the basics!

glassfancy fused glass jewelry abstract colorful pendants modern necklace variety 1

For me, the past couple of months have been taken up with elaborate schemes of three-dimensional effects of silver in glass and my brain was/is filled with ideas and possible effects in PMC.

I have been moving away more and more from the simple, minimalistic but clear and colorful style I started with.

It’s good to evolve. It’s good to develop and learn new things but once you get the feeling that complexity and effect start to get in the way of aesthetics, it’s time to stop and maybe take a step back.

So, I have gone back to the basics and I realized that sometimes simple may be as good or even better.

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Vampires vs. Goth, à la South Park

glassfancy fused glass jewelry pmc necklace silver pendant purple 1

It is time now to introduce you to another one of my Precious Metal Clay creations.

I just finished this pendant and I have to say, it very much developed while I was working on it. There were no sketches and no drawings. I did no planing at all this time. It was just the clay and me and the notion of:  Do what you will. And this is what happened.

So the only question now is, should I market it to the Vampire kids or the Goth kids?


So what do you think?

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My New Artfire Store

For the past week or so I have been fine tuning and accessorizing my new online store at Artfire.com.
Artfire has come a long way since I looked at it for the first time in the beginning of the year. I don’t mean to insult anybody but back then it had a kind of second-hand look to it. It was visually not very pleasing in my opinion and it was hard to find anybody that wanted to buy rather than sell anything.
I probably should have stuck with Artfire and given it a chance to develop at that time because now, visually and feature wise, I think it might be the most promising out of the three venues (Etsy, 1000 Markets, Artfire) I am a part of.
Well, I will stay with all three, at least for a while. So I guess I will find out whether or not I’m correct.
So, here is a picture of the online store front, but if you have a little time, you should probably check it out in person because there is a whole lot more to see.

VisionsInGlass / GlassFancy store front at Artfire

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