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What are good colors for home decor?

What? Knobs and pulls? Again?
Yes, I am still working on cabinet hardware.
My goal is mainly to develop a standing line of one design.
And I have found my layout, which is a relatively simple off-centered stripe pattern. For each knob I made two different types of pulls since the knob can be installed with the stripes running horizontally or vertically and I wanted to make sure to provide matching pulls for each installation.

Since I have been making jewelry for the past few years, I tend to think in terms of bold, bright, and vibrant colors. So the first few color combinations I created are exactly that.
Obviously, I had no choice but to make a set in my favorite green and purple color combination.


And I think they look really neat, cheerful, and contemporarily. They are going to fit nicely into your modern kitchen, for example.
But not everybody wants to have something that is “in your face” attached to their furniture.
I had to start thinking of some colors that are more subtle and I have to say, that is not so much my cup of tea.
But I did manage to come up with a color combo that fits the subtle category a bit better than most of my other ones.

So what do you think?
All you Interior Decorators out there, I would love to get some input on color choices for home decor. I could use some help with that. =)


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