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Tinkering around with my photo editing software

The other night after work, I was sitting, tired and lazy, on my computer. It was too early to go to bed but I didn’t have the energy to actually do anything productive.
So I started randomly applying some photo editing effects to a couple of my glass photos.

Some effects looked merely odd, but some others produce neat results after cropping the image and messing around with the colors a little.
I mean, no matter what, I keep seeing my jewelry pieces in them but to others they might look a little more abstract.
I just find it amazing what can be done with a few clicks.

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  1. Beautiful again. You may want to consider offering them as prints. I’ve seen pieces not nearly as pleasing that were considered art. You have more than one talent.

    Comment by Mike Shue | November 7, 2010 | Reply

    • Thank you!!!
      I was thinking about it especially because it seems to be quiet easy if you have a DeviantArt account.
      But I feel I can’t judge them since my eyes litterally can’t get past the original photo, hehe.
      I think I need to stop looking at them for a while and maybe then it will get better.

      Comment by Kim | November 8, 2010 | Reply

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