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Experimenting with a new earring design; a post about posts


The very obvious way to create fused glass earrings is to simply hang the glass by some kind of bail from a type of ear piece like a french hook, for example.
I have these kinds of dangle earring designs in my Etsy store as well.
I am not sure what prompted my recent quest for a different earring design. Maybe it’s because I get bored easily and then I have trouble continuing to do what I have been doing the way I have been doing it.
The dangle earrings had to make way to ear posts and since my fused glass style requires more room than just a small little glass knob, I decided to elongate the glass piece. That creates an earring that is more stationary on the ear but at the same time gives a hanging impression.

On the back side, sterling silver ear posts are soldered onto a piece of sterling silver sheet, which in turn creates a larger contact area so that the glue can create a strong bond.
I have fused a couple of glass pieces with a few different lengths to see what works best. There will be more pictures once they are all finished.


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