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It’s been months since I last went into my dungeon of glass (aka the basement) and worked on glass.
All the changes in my life have left me with a lot less time. But I don’t think the reason I haven’t been creating anything is merely the new time restraint.
It feels like I have been mentally and emotionally busy with all the change. My thoughts were taken up by learning all the new things at my new job or finding a good kind of entertainment for the long commute. There was really no room left for creativity that did not address every day life situations.
But then, the other day, I came home at night and heard the glass call my name.
So I decided to just pick a color combination and make all the pieces I had time for. And today, I will pick another color combination and so on until the kiln shelf is full and I can run them through the first firing.

And it feels so nice to finally create something again.
Honestly, I can’t really tell if this is the beginning of a consistent creative work process again or if it’s just a rare occurence. I hope I will get back to how it was before everything turned inside out, but right now, it’s fun and I will worry about tomorrow  tomorrow.

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