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I See Green; Progress Pictures of a Metal Clay Ring with Fused Glass Center

It is very unfortunate when life gets in the way of playing with your favorite toys. That is exactly what happened to me this week. I had very little time to do what I love and had to concentrate more on what I do not love.
But now I am back in the game and in the middle of another metal clay ring. I thought I could take some progress pictures and share them with you.

Here is a picture of the fused glass that I am using for the ring center. It is my usual combination of spring green, olive and sparkling dark green. I fused a relatively large piece and after cutting out the middle to use on the ring, I will still have some glass left to maybe make some earrings or something similar. I shaped the piece that I need into a rectangle to match the rest of the ring.

Next, you can see the fused glass piece placed onto the ring the way it will be when it is finished. For now it is just laying there so you can see the concept.
I chose the same principle as the last two rings, just with rectangles. But this ring is going to be smaller than the last ones. I wanted the silver to feel more like a bezel for the glass this time rather than having so much silver surrounding it.
It is pretty much ready to be fired but since we are having that storm with near hurricane force winds and downed trees etc., I did not think it wise to start the kiln for a long firing when the lights are already flickering. It will have to wait until things have calmed down a bit.
Once it is finished, I will post an update with pictures.


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