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Learning by doing!

I’m still busy with PMC, experimenting and learning as I go. This is my favorite kind of learning! I have a few more pieces done that I would like to show you:


As you can probably guess by now, green and purple is my favorite color combination.

The above ring looks like an abstract upside-down Mickey Mouse head, which really was not intended. This fact sidetracks me a little bit but I still like the bold and modern look of it.


The next picture is of a matching necklace and ring set.

I really like the simple and straight geometrical shape. The organic little swirl on the bottom disrupts the overall shape and makes it a little more playful.

I’m getting better with PMC but I am not quiet to the point of selling my work yet. All of the pieces you see in the photos have little faults and mistakes.

So my own private jewelry collection continues to grow as I learn =)


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  1. So beautiful and intriguing.

    Comment by Jules | August 24, 2009 | Reply

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