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Emphasis on Depth

The Better Half

Lately, I have been concentrating on finding ways to create more depth in my fused glass pendants.

The pendant that I call “The Better Half” is one example of what I came up with.

I started cutting the fine silver designs apart, so to say, and placed the separate parts at different depths inside the glass. The effect is quiet fascinating to me. If you look at the pendant head on, you can see the complete design. Once you start turning the pendant and looking at it from either side, the different pieces of the motif move further and further apart.

The Better Half straight onThe Better Half from side

Unfortunately, a lot of the pieces designed that way, do not turn out correctly. The top layers of the glass tend to move more than the bottom layers during the firing and therefore it is difficult to predict where to place the fine silver pieces during the assembly.

However, the pieces that do turn out, repay me in a big way!


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  1. Really beautiful work. Love the style.

    Comment by Kathleen Krucoff | May 24, 2009 | Reply

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