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Adore And Adorn Your Pet!

The adore part of that statement is obviously a lot more important! You have to hug them and squeeze them and call them George or Rocky or Sylvester!

Out of that adoration may come a desire for little things that make it more visible. We buy gorgeous collars, give them haircuts and purchase that sporty or fancy raincoat. So, I guess it is just a continuation of that trend to think about pet jewelry.

Turquoise and Blue Heart Pet Pendant

I know there is plenty of people out there that probably think I’m out of my mind, but let me explain to you how this thought started.

A number of years back my best four-legged friend Max had to go for a very risky surgery. I was so scared and felt absolutely helpless. So, although I am normally not superstitious, I needed some kind of outlet for all that fear. I made him a little fused glass pendant that had the Chinese symbol for ‘good fortune’ fused into it. The day I had to drop him off, I put it on his collar. I’m sure it probably had no influence on how the surgery went but it was a little ritual that gave me hope. Everything went well and I had my baby back safe and sound.

Green and Purple Heart Pet PendantThat was the situation in which I had worked out all the details for a pet pendant without ever meaning to create a product.

So now, I’m making them not for emergency situation but because they really look neat. And although you don’t necessarily need pet jewelry to do so, it’s a unique way to celebrate your best friend.


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  1. What a great idea! I hope you do well with it. Your work is really gorgeous & unique -every dog should be so lucky to wear one!

    Comment by steiderstudios | April 22, 2009 | Reply

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