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So, what the hell is Etsy?

I feel I got a little ahead of myself, so I am now starting at the beginning where I should have started all along.

In my previous posts I have been babbling about Etsy a lot and it’s about time I clarify what that actually is.

Etsy is an online marketplace for buying and selling anything handmade. Artists and crafters each have a store front and are selling their handmade products directly to the public. Other than handmade items, you can also buy and sell crafting supplies and vintage items (defined as at least 20 years old) on Etsy. It launched in 2005 and has over 100,000 sellers from around the world.

In order to find things that match what you are looking for in all those different shops, Etsy has created different mechanisms by which you can browse products.

First, you can use search terms or keywords like in a browser. It is important to know that the search bar up top also has a drop down menu where you should define if you are searching for a product or for a seller name for example.

Then you can also shop by categories. Some examples are Art, Bath and BeautyChildren, Housewares, Jewelry (this one is very important!), Pets or Weddings.

Another way that is similar to the categories are the gift guides. Here you can find items that fit a certain theme like for example Mother’s Day Greetings and Flowers or Personalized Gifts. So in a way, they are more specific categories that contain not just one type of product, but everything that fits the theme.

If you click the ‘Buy’ tab on the top, you will get to a list of all the different mechanisms for finding products you may be looking for. For example, you can shop local, which will show you recently updated shops by location, or my favorite, shop by color. Click on one of the colored dots and when matching items pop up, you can throw them around, lol. It is so much fun when you are, like me, easily entertained.

One drawback for shoppers is that you have to create an account to buy stuff (I always hate it when they make me do that). The reason for it is logical, however. Etsy has a feedback system in place to attempt a certain amount of quality control, since you are buying from individuals and not companies. It is comparable to what e-bay has. The individual feedback can be checked in every Etsy shop.

Well, I think this is about all for my little Etsy review.

When I found the site, I was surprised how many innovative and nice items you can find there. It is definitely something worth checking out! So here is the link again.

Or check out this cute baby onesie with matching shoes and this perfect necklace for mother’s day!


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